Hair Removal For Sportsmen And Women

Hair Removal For Sportsmen And Women

Since ancient times, competition in sports has always been about showing off one’s physical prowess, virility and strength. Even the ancient Olympic Games had men competing naked, not only to pay homage to Zeus by showing off their beautifully honed bodies, but also to appear more intimidating to their competitors.

Fast forward to the modern era and ask yourself the question ‘Have things changed since then?’ Fair enough, athletes no longer compete in the nude, but their training regiment, although modernised has remained the same. Eating correctly, training correctly and looking the part have always formed the basis of any athlete’s daily regime.

Cyclists, Swimmers, Athletes, Wrestlers and Bodybuilders are just some of the many sportsmen and women, whom always on show for their sponsors and fans, strive to find a beauty regime that maximises their efforts in improving their peak performance as well as helping them be more pleasingly aesthetic.

This includes none other than the removal of unwanted body hair.

For many sports cynics, the removal of body hair is none other than a ploy for athletes to show off their beauty and to strut their stuff, but for the sports stars, the removal of unwanted body hair has many advantages.

For cyclists, hair­free legs improves the healing of wounds caused by road rash. Its also far easier to massage smooth legs as oils tend to stick to the hair preventing it from being absorbed into the skin. From a comfort point of view, the removal of hair also helps prevent chafing and rubbing caused by their tightly fitting Spandex clothes.

For bodybuilders, the removal of body hair accentuates their muscles and prevents shadows from hiding important muscular areas.

For swimmers, where victory versus loss comes down to a nano­second, hair removal is crucially important in improving their aerodynamic performance.

So, what then is the best and most effective method of removing unwanted body hair for these sportsmen and women?

HPL™ Technology

Silk’n is perhaps most famous and best known for their HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology, which allows the long term and safe removal of unwanted hair on all body areas by means of light pulses. As the treatment is home based, it allows one to experience the best of both worlds - a salon styled treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home but without the costly expense. For more information about HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology read here

Silk’n Glide Fast 300K And Glide Fast 300K For Men

For many sports stars, when time is of the essence (in both the removal of hair and increasing peak performance) the Glide Fast 300K and Glide Fast 300K for Men are the most advanced in-home hair removal devices removing unwanted hair from the entire body in just 20 minutes ­ that’s up to 2 x faster than other hair removal products currently on the market, a record worth competing for! Integrating the gentle HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology into a convenient compact design, means that you can simply target the treatment area and hold down the pulse button, to continue emitting pulses. This helps reduce treatment times by up to 50%.

Great for male and female athletes requiring hair removal from their arms and legs, the light and easy to hold Glide Fast 300K devices are the perfect partners..

SensEpil Pro 65k

When it comes to larger areas requiring hair removal, such as the legs, chest and back, the SensEpil Pro 65K is the most ideally suited. The 6cm spot size provides the largest treatment area of all the Silk’n hair removal products meaning that hair removal of the area will be done more efficiently and effectively ­ helping to reduce the overall treatment time.

With 5 different energy levels and a built in colour sensor to safeguard your skin, the SensEpil Pro 65K offers great versatility for those sportsmen and sportswomen requiring all over body hair removal.

Silk’n Safety ­ Our No.1 Factor

Paramount to the removal of unwanted body hair is the safety factor associated with each of the devices. All Silk’n hair removal products have been been developed with the highest safety standards in mind and all have been FDA approved as safe and effective for long term hair removal at home.

As an athlete, when considering the removal of hair from sun exposed skin, all Silk’n hair removal products are recommended by many physicians and leading dermatologists as the safe and recommended way to get smooth, beautiful skin.

When comparing hair removal products currently on the market, most are not suited to people with naturally darker skin tones, tanned skin or red hair increasing the potential to cause harm or damage whilst treating those unwanted ‘hairy’ areas.

Silk’n Infinity G

Thanks to the engineers at Silk’n being at the forefront of technology, The Silk’n Infinity G is the first device that is suitable for all skin colours and nearly all hair colours.

Up until now it wasn't possible to remove blonde, grey and red hairs permanently with a home-use device. In addition, people with darker skin tones didn't have a long term solution for home hair removal.

Silk’n Infinity Gintroduced a revolutionary new technique, eHPL™ which allows nearly all hair and skin colours, including even the darkest skin tones to be treated for the first time, allowing outdoor athletes total peace of mind.

eHPL™ uses a combination of Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy, the synergy of which allows hairs to be removed more efficiently, as it opens the skin pores and allows the light pulses to optimally reach the hair follicles. This has the advantage of being able to destroy the hair follicle more effectively leading to a reduction in hair growth after each treatment. As the skin pores remain open a little while after the treatment, one can apply a body lotion for perfect skin care. The skin pores soon after close by themselves resulting in silky smooth skin with a radiant glow ­ perfect for any athlete on the go.

For more information on Silk’n hair removal products ­ please click here.

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