Which Hair Removal Machine Is Best For Me?

Which Hair Removal Machine Is Best For Me?

Hair removal has become commonplace for both women and men in today’s modern era. No longer seen as a manly (or womanly) attribute, both sexes are becoming more aware of the options available to them in removing the unwanted bits as they strive for the ultimate in smooth and silky bodies.

Traditional Vs Modern Techniques

Although traditional means of hair removal are still very popular (shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, plucking, electrolysis etc.) many people are now turning to long term hair removal such as laser and light pulse technology as a preferred option.

The question then is ‘Do I use a salon or DIY techniques’?

Salon Vs DIY Hair Removal

The answers are many and varied and are generally based around Cost, Convenience and Effectiveness.

Salons offer the pampering experience; the camaraderie between therapist and client, but with it comes the expense and inconvenience of fitting an appointment into salon times as well as the out of home location. (How often have many of us just craved a day at home in our jammies not wanting to face the world?)

For this reason, DIY or hair removal at home is becoming more popular due to the privacy, convenience, low cost, and easy-to-achieve salon results it offers.

Comparing Hair Removal Devices

When it comes to comparing hair removal devices, one is faced with a multitude of choice.

Which is the best for me? Which is the most effective? Is my skin suitable? Is it safe?

To start with, there is some basic information that you need to consider:

Safety And FDA Approval

Paramount to hair removal is the safety factor associated with the device. All Silk’n hair removal devices have been been developed with the highest safety standards in mind and all have been FDA approved as safe and effective for long term hair removal at home. Coupled with this is the built-in safety sensor in all our products that stops the device from emitting a light pulse if the device is not pressed up against the skin. This is to protect your eyes against damage from the powerful light.


Long term hair removal at salons is generally treated with IPL technology, which many people find expensive and inconvenience. Silk’n, over the years, has made inroads into the development of hair removal machines using HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology, which allows one to easily and permanently remove unwanted hair on their body and face with light pulses as effectively and safely as the salons but in the private and comfort of your their own home and without the costly expense.

For more information about HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology read here

Complexion And Hair Colour

Until recently, the effectiveness of removing unwanted hair for long term results was based on a combination of skin and hair colour, the best being the removal of coarse, dark hair from light skin tones. Hair removal on tanned skin or a dark complexion resulted in adverse effects such as blisters, burns, and skin colour changes (hyper or hypo pigmentation). Although a combination of dark hair on light skin tones is still the best suited, all Silk’n hair removal devices now feature a unique built-in skin colour sensor that measures the complexion and skin tone of the individual, not allowing the treatment of skin that is too dark or too tanned - further proof of the Silk’n commitment to customer safety.

Power Levels And Settings

The efficacy and speed at which desired results can be achieved will be affected by the power level of the device. Having a range of settings is useful because different parts of the body are more or less sensitive.

When comparing hair removal machines, unlike others, Silk’n offers two treatment techniques:Gliding and Pulsing.
For a faster treatment the Gliding method is ideal as individual light pulses automatically every 1.5 seconds, allowing you to glide the device over your skin.
The Pulsing method can be used for a more thorough treatment, as it treats every spot individually and uses the higher energy settings. All Silk’n hair removal devices feature five energy levels and adjustable speeds: from 1.5 to 3.5 second intervals allowing a more diverse and effective method of removing unwanted hair.

Size Of Treatment Area/Head Size

It makes sense that given the size of the treatment area and the head size of the light pulse, that different areas of the body will require different combinations of the two. The larger the size of the light emitted pulse, the quicker the treatment in areas such as legs, chest and back. The smaller the treatment area and the more precision that is required, the smaller the light pulse required for delicate areas such as bikini line, lip and eyebrows. The Silk’n range of home hair removal devices provide an array of head sizes making your choice a little easier when it comes to finding the best suited product for your needs

Replacement Cartridges

Gone are the days where many of the DIY hair removal devices required replacement cartridges every couple of months. Depending on the Silk’n device chosen, one can enjoy anything from many years of use to a lifetime of hair removal with long term results without the need for refill cartridges ever!

For more detailed information on choosing the best hair removal machine, please click here please Click here

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