Choosing the right Hair Removal product for your home

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SensEpil Pro XL

The SensEpil Pro XL is a clinically tested, safe and effective system. This home hair removal product provides 65,000 light pulses, ensuring years of convenience. With five energy levels, changeable cartridges, and a skin colour sensor to safeguard your skin, the SensEpil Pro XL offers great versatility; this product is even suitable for darker complexions and after-sun treatment. Discover the convenience of home hair removal with the SensEpil’s HPL™ technology and intuitive design. With a 6 cm² treatment area, this product is ideal for both men and women - the SensEpil is suited for full body, face, lower legs, underarms, forearms, and bikini line. The SensEpil Pro XL also has a timesaving app, available for both IOS and Android: let Silk’n help you plan your treatments, manage your schedule, and save time with the Silk’n SensEpil Pro XL!

Flash&Go Luxx 120K

Safe, long lasting, and efficient – the Silk’n Flash&Go LUXX 120K is your go-to product for at home hair removal. This system provides 120,000 light pulses for years of simple and painless hair removal treatments – and no refill cartridges are required! Using HPL™ technology, the Flash&Go Luxx 120K provides an effective way to access hair removal technology at home; and this product is suited to a number of different uses. Featuring a treatment area of 4 cm² and a precision cartridge with 5.000 light pulses, the Flash&Go Luxx 120K is suitable for not just full-body, but also precision face treatments. The built-in skin colour sensor ensures your safety while using the product, meaning that the Flash&Go Luxx 120K can also be used after sun exposure without worry. The five energy levels offer flexibility, and allow you to set your at-home treatments to your preference for easy, painless, and safe hair removal.

Glide 30K

If you’re looking to try light-based hair removal out for the first time, the Silk’n Glide 30K is the product for you. The Glide 30K is a clinically tested, safe, and affordable home product. Offering a safety focused skin colour sensor, five energy levels, and 30,000 light pulses, this product is a great way to try out without the need for expensive refill cartridges. The HPL™ technology used in the Glide 30K ensures simple, safe and painless hair removal. The Silk’n Glide 30K has a treatment area of 3 cm², which means this model is idea for the lower legs, forearms, underarms, bikini line and face. The safety sensor also allows you to use the Glide 30K after sun exposure while keeping your skin safe. If you want to try out at-home hair removal, the Silk’n Glide 30K is the perfect introduction to pulsed light at an affordable price.

Glide 50K

The Silk’n Glide 50K is the device suited to all purposes. This versatile, clinically tested product offers safe and simple hair removal for everyone. With 50,000 light pulses, the Glide 50K ensures you have years of treatments guaranteed, and no refill cartridges are required! The HPL™ technology will keep your skin silky smooth and looking great, and the built-in safety sensor ensures your skin stays safe in all situations. The skin-colour sensor ensures the Glide 50K is suitable for your complexion, and allows for use after sun exposure. This product offers a treatment area of 3 cm², making the Glide 50K ideal for full-body, and allowing for the precision required for facial hair removal. Five energy levels, no refill cartridges, flexible usage, and above all, safe and effective hair removal at home. The Silk’n Glide 50K is the ideal multi-purpose device.

Glide 150K

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, reliable, safe and all-purpose hair removal system, look no further than the Silk’n Glide 150K. Featuring 150,000 light pulses, the Glide 150K has no need for refill cartridges – this product will last for absolutely years of treatment. Clinically tested, this product features a built-in skin colour sensor for your safety; this sensor ensures your complexion stays safe, and even allows for use after sun exposure. The five energy levels offer a flexible, safe, and simple hair removal solution at home. With a treatment area of 3 cm², the Silk’n Glide 150K is perfect for both full-body and more delicate face treatments. The Glide 150K comes in a stylish and versatile case, just right for storage whether at home or travelling. Discover the convenience of long lasting and reliable at home hair removal with HPL™ technology, and the Silk’n Glide 150K.

Glide Fast 300K

Are you constantly feeling time-poor, pressured by schedules, and always on the go? The Silk’n Glide Fast 300K may just be your ideal solution for long-lasting hair removal. This device can be used anywhere that suits your schedule – whether at home or travelling. The Glide Fast 300K is a safe, clinically tested device that can treat your entire body in just 20 minutes! The 300,000 light pulses means there’s no need to ever buy refill cartridges, as this device will last for more treatments than you can imagine. The Glide Fast 300K can be used for full-body hair removal, including on delicate facial areas that require the precision delivered by the 3cm ² treatment area. The built in skin tone safety sensor means your skin is kept safe, and makes this device suitable for darker complexions and use after sun exposure. Five energy levels, and speeds that adjust from 1 to 2 second intervals provide you with the flexibility a busy schedule needs. The Glide Fast 300K even has a timesaving app, available for both IOS and Android: plan your treatments, manage your schedule, and save time with the Glide Fast 300K!