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We’re proud of our Silk’n Hair Removal System, and our commitment to excellence means we are often recognized in the media for our effective, safe, and cost efficient at home hair removal system and products. The Silk’n system has been featured in top print and online media outlets, and it seems like everyone is talking about the effectiveness of our Silk’n permanent hair reduction system – we believe that at home hair removal is the way of the future for beauty mavens, and the media sure seems to agree. InStyle, Marie Claire and Women’s Weekly, among many others, have all featured our permanent hair reduction system.  For many women and men, permanent hair removal at home has seemed like an impossible dream, but the media agree that the Silk’n Hair Removal System offers a permanent hair reduction through safe and effective methods. 


How it Works


Unless you’ve been living on a desert island, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the latest hair removal trends. Laser hair removal, permanent hair removal, IPL removal, electrolysis hair removal, Brazilian laser hair removal – there are a lot of terms being talked about, and this can make understanding home laser hair removal complicated!  You may have questions such as: Is home laser hair removal safe? Are there side effects? Does home laser hair removal hurt? How much will home laser hair removal cost me?Is home laser hair removal the same as permanent hair removal at home or IPL removal? If you’re interested in at home hair removal, the Silk’n is ideal for you. Our system  is very safe for users, even on delicate skin. Silk’n permanent hair reduction is the safest and most effective way to use a light based device at home. 


Online Store


Whether you’re in Sydney or Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth, or relaxing in the sun of the  Gold Coast, our Silk’n online store has you covered for all your hair removal needs. We offer hair removal products to suit all needs, from at home hair removal to hair removal for men. Silk’n ships our home hair removal products Australia-wide, ensuring no matter your location, you can stay silky smooth with Silk’n. Our online store is safe, secure, and swift – delivering your hair removal products efficiently and on time. As you browse our store, we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that our hair removal prices can be so reasonable, and that home hair removal costs can be kept so low. Our products are high quality and receive great user reviews – we’re sure once you try the Silk’n Hair Removal System, you’ll be 100% on board with Silk’n permanent hair reduction.