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The Glide Fast 300k is the most advanced in home hair removal devices and provides a LIFETIME of hair removal with long term results for multiple users with over 300,000 pulses.
Having won the 2016 Total Beauty.Com Award, is further proof of the Silk’n Glide’s superior technology at saying goodbye to unwanted hair forever!

Up to 2x Faster
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Express yourself and say goodbye to unwanted hair forever!

Introducing the latest and fastest at-home hair removal device, the Glide Fast 300K, removes unwanted hair from the entire body in just 20 minutes. And with 300,000 flashes per device, you’ll get a lifetime of use. Integrating the gentle HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology into a convenient compact design, means that you can simply target the treatment area and hold down the pulse button, to continue emitting pulses. This reduces treatment times by up to 50%.

The light and easy to hold Glide Fast 300k can used by both women and men and is ideal for use all over the body including lower legs, underarms and forearms.Unlike other hair removal devices, the Glide Fast 300K offers two methods of hair removal - Gliding and Pulsing, both of which can be done faster than any other hair removal device available in the market. Most users experience a noticeable reduction in hair after just a handful of treatments. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, silky skin!


  • 300,000 pulses per device
  • Ultra fast! Treat your entire body in just 20 minutes
  • Safe to use on both the face and body
  • Built in safety sensor
  • Suitable for most skin tones and darker complexions
  • Five energy levels and adjustable speeds: from 1 to 2 second intervals
  • FDA approved
  • Treatment area: 3cm ²
  • Can be used after sun exposure
  • Easy-to-hold hand held device
  • No refill cartridges needed
  • Includes smart Silk’n App to remind you when you due for a treatment

How does It Work?


Who can use it?

The Glide Fast 300K is suitable for use on most skin tones, however it does work best on hair that is black or dark brown.
Lighter brown hairs will also respond however they may need a few more treatments, whilst red, white, grey and blonde hair will require more treatments than their darker counterparts
Both men and women can use the Glide Fast 300K. However, due to biological differences, male hair may require a few more sessions to achieve the desired results.

Suitable for most skin tones

Safety comes first with Silk’n

Using the latest in HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology, safety comes first with the Glide Fast 300K.
HPL™ technology uses a fraction of the energy level used in professional light-sourced hair removal equipment reducing the potential to cause harm or complications whilst still removing unwanted hair.
As light sourced hair removal is not suitable for naturally darker skin tones or tanned skin, the Glide Fast 300K features a built-in skin colour sensor that measures the complexion and skin tone of the individual, not allowing the treatment of skin that is too dark or too tanned.
A built-in safety sensor also stops the device from emitting a light pulse if the device is not pressed up against the skin. No eyewear is needed with the Glide Fast 300K

Built-in skin colour sensor

Hear it from our Satisfied Customers

Silk’n Hair Removal Testimonial
Silk’n Hair Removal Testimonial
Silk’n Hair Removal Testimonial
Silk’n Hair Removal Testimonial

Before and after

Also suitable for use on darker complexions

Hair removal with pulsed light is not suitable for people with a naturally dark complexion. However, as opposed to other devices, Silk’n Glide’s energy level can be set to a lower energy level. This allows a wider spectrum of skin colours to be treated, ranging all the way to the darker complexions. Extra safetyis offered by a built-in skin colour sensor. Consult the skin colour chart to see if Silk’n Glide is suitable for you. You will also find more information about skin colours in the FAQ section.

Also suitable for tanned skin

Pulsed light hair removal treatment is not normally advisable after sun exposure. This is different with Silk’n Glide. After sun exposure using Silk’n Glide poses no problems whatsoever. The lowest energy level (1) of Silk’n Glide was designed especially for safe use after exposure to the sun, or if you’re planning to soak up some sun directly after treatment. You can use Silk’n Glide immediately after sun exposure without any cares, as long as you use the lowest energy level.”


Does the Silk’n Glide really work?

Yes. If used as advised, the Silk’n Glide disables and reduces hair growth.


Where on my body can the Silk’n Glide be used?

The Silk’n Glide can be used allover the body including on the face, underarms, bikini line and neck.


How long does it take to complete a Silk’n Glide treatment session?

This will depend on the individual, the area being treated, and the method of treatment you choose. For example, using the pulsing method over 2 full legs can take up to 22 minutes, whereas Gliding is faster and may take about 15 minutes. The Silk’n Glide does not require recharging, so it can be used consistently for as long as you need to complete a treatment.


What’s the difference between gliding and pulsing?

Unlike other hair removal devices available, the Silk’n Glide offers two treatment techniques: Gliding and Pulsing.

For a faster treatment the Gliding method is ideal as individual light pulses automatically every 1.5 seconds, allowing you to glide the device over your skin. The Pulsing method can be used for a more thorough treatment, as it treats every spot individually and uses the higher energy settings.



How do I decide which method of treatment is better for me?

This depends on your skin colour and requirements. Pulsing allows you to have better control of skin coverage. It’s suitable for most skin tones and can be used on both lower and higher energy levels.

Gliding is ideal if you’re looking for a quicker treatment. It is recommended for darker skin tones and works best within the lower energy levels.


Is Silk’n Glide safe?

Safety comes first with the Silk’n Glide. HPL technology uses a fraction of the energy level used in professional light-based hair removal equipment, which reduces the potential to cause harm or complications whilst still removing unwanted hair.

The Silk’n Glide also features a built-in safety sensor, which immediately stops the device from emitting a light pulse if your skin tone is too dark or if the device is not pressed against the skin.


Are there any side effects from using Silk’n Glide?

Whilst side effects and complications may be possible, they are not common if Silk’n Glide is used correctly. Ensure you read the instructions and precautions carefully before using the device. In clinical studies, a small fraction of users reported feeling some sensation of heat and/or redness around the hair follicle and slight swelling. These conditions typically subside within the hour after treatment. Please refer to the Silk’n Glide User Manual for more information on side effects and how to avoid them.


Does it hurt?

Most users of the Silk’n Glide report feeling a slight sensation of tingling or heat when a light pulse is emitted. Users with darker and thicker hair may feel slightly more discomfort, but once again this will subside once the treatment is completed.

For your comfort and convenience, the Silk’n Glide comes with five different energy levels, which can be set to suit your sensitivity and tolerance.


How often should I use the Silk’n Glide?

Typical Silk’n hair removal plan during a full hair growth cycle:

  • Treatments 1-4 – plan two weeks apart
  • Treatments 5-7, plan four weeks apart
  • Treatments 8+ treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.



How long do I continue to use the Silk’n Glide?

It may take 18-24 months for a full hair growth cycle. Multiple sessions may be required in order to achieve efficient hair removal.

Note: The efficiency of hair removal varies from person to person according to body area, hair colour and how the device is used.


When can I expect to see results?

As with any light-based or laser hair removal treatment, results are not immediate. In fact, hair grows in three different stages and only hairs in the active-growth-stage will be affected. This is why multiple sessions are required. Please note that sometimes hair may appear to be growing back after a session, but typically these hairs will simply fall out after two weeks.


Is the Silk’n Glide effective on all hair colours?

Whilst black and dark brown hair works best with the Silk’n Glide, lighter brown hairs also respond however they may need a few more treatments. Red, white, grey and blonde hair may show a response and will require more treatments.


I can see my hair growing back a week after using the Silk’n Glide. Why?

There are two reasons why you might be seeing hair growing back after a treatment…

It is common for hair to appear as if it’s still growing up to two weeks after a treatment, however this process is known as “ejection”, it’s the effected hair making its way to the surface where it will then fall out naturally.

The second reason you might see hair growth after treatment is because our hair grows in three different stages and only hair in the active growth stage will be affected by the treatment. This is why you’ll need to complete multiple sessions.


Is it true that some hairs can grow back lighter and finer after Light Based Hair Removal?

It is possible that some hairs may grow back finer and lighter after hair removal however these hairs are a fraction of what was originally there and can be removed completely with further treatments.


Can I use the Silk’n Glide if I’ve got tanned skin or after sun exposure?

Tanned skin contains large quantities of the pigment Melanin, which can expose the skin to a higher risk of adverse effects when using light based hair removal devices on the affected areas, including the Silk’n Glide.

To assure a safe and healthy result, spend no more than recommended time in the sun for 4 weeks before, and 2 weeks after, any treatment.

Note that if using the Silk’n Glide, it is highly recommended that you use only energy level 1 on tanned skin.


Is long-term use of the Silk’n Glide dangerous for my skin?

The use of light and laser energy in aesthetic medicine has been closely monitored and well documented by professionals for over 18 years. Well known journals and institutions, like the Mayo Clinic, have not reported any side effects or damage from long-term use of light and laser devices.


Can I use the Silk’n Glide to remove facial hair?

Yes, the Silk’n Glide can be used to remove facial hair however you should never use the Silk’n Glide near or around the eyes.


Do I need to prep the skin before using the Silk’n Glide?

  1. Before beginning a session ensure that the skin being treated is free of moisturisers and lotions. Clean with mild soap and water and towel dry.
  2. Hairs should be shaved down to skin level.
  3. Avoid sun exposure on the areas to be treated for at least four weeks.


How should I care for the treated areas after using the Silk’n Glide?

Continue to follow your regular beauty routine, however special care must be taken to avoid unprotected skin exposure.  Use a strong sunscreen (we recommend 50+SPF) and cover treated areas with clothes or a hat.


Should I pull the hairs our after treatment?

No. The hairs will fall out naturally over a two-week period.


Do I need refills or cartridges for my Silk’n Glide?

No refills or cartridges are needed! With 300,000 pulses per device, you’ll get years of use – a far less expensive solution than salon treatments!