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After childbirth or hormonal changes such as the menopause, a woman's intimate part can look and feel different. Drooping labia, weakened vaginal walls, diminished pleasure during sex, dryness or urinary leakage can cause concerns and insecurity. The revolutionary Silk’n Tightra employs the clinically tested and proven Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy, which is able to relieve such symptoms without the need for surgery.

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FaceTite - Helps prevent fine lines
FaceTite - Don't let lines define you


The very first women's intimate health device for promoting feminine wellness! Understanding that many women experience a change in their vaginal area, through childbirth or menopause, the revolutionary Silk’n Tightra employs the clinically tested and proven Bi-Polar RF to help tighten and firm the inside and outside of the vagina, leaving the area feeling renewed and firmer than ever before. This type of vaginal rejuvenation helps to relieve the symptoms caused by hormonal changes safely and painlessly, in the comfort of your own home, without any downtime and without the need for invasive surgery.

Our Changing Bodies

Experiencing changes in your body as you age is a part of life. From the time you’re born. Becoming a teen. Hormonal changes. Sprouting in places you care not to speak about. Having children. Getting your first wrinkle. Developing love handles. More hormonal changes. Menopause. We’ve all experienced it!

Thankfully, for advances in technology, there are many ways to alleviate the symptoms and effects of our changing bodies, especially as women! Whether as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, surgical procedures (hysterectomy), hormonal changes, or going through the changes in life, so too, our more intimate areas can be affected. Vaginal laxity, dryness, itchiness, drooping vulva are all signs of healthy ageing and with it comes a gradual loss of skin elasticity and a natural loss of collagen production.

Bi Polar RF Technology

Although not new and used by many beauty clinics around the world as a form of non surgical skin rejuvenation, Bi-Polar RF technology, as an in-home treatment for vaginal rejuvenation is breaking ground! Engineered by the scientists at Silk’n, as a clinically proven and safe way of tightening your intimate areas, the Silk’n Tightra, is the first ever feminine intimate wellness device for in-home use.

How does it work?

Bi-Polar RF treatments (or Radio Frequency skin tightening) is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen production in areas where the appearance of fine lines and loose skin may occur. This technique helps bring blood to the surface of the skin, which in turn produces new collagen and elastin to aid skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, cellulite improvement and body contouring.

Inspired by the favourable results of the Silk’n Facetite for facial rejuvenation and the Silk’n Silhouette for cellulite reduction, Silk’n have taken it one step further and introduced the Silk’n Tightra based on the same technology principles used for the Facetite and Silhouette.

FaceTite - Highlights


  • First ever clinically proven feminine intimate wellness technology for in-home use
  • Uses Bi-Polar RF energy as the proven method for accelerating the production of collagen and elastin to help renew and tighten skin
  • Helps women experience tighter and firmer vaginal muscles
  • Helps increase sexual satisfaction
  • Non invasive and pain free with no downtime
  • Built in sensors to ensure safety at all times
  • Shaped to fit your body
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Results visible after 3-4 weeks
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FaceTite - Don't let lines define you
FaceTite - Don't let lines define you

The Silk’n Tightra

Given the expense associated with clinically performed vaginal rejuvenation, not to mention other associated factors such as patient embarrassment, the Silk’n Tightra offers a proven, yet inexpensive and safe alternative to clinic treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And all without the need for invasive surgery!

The Silk’n Tightra has been specially formulated to comfortably fit the shape of your body, and is easy to use. Just 20 minutes a day (8 x 20 minute sessions) for 4 weeks and the results are noticeable.


Clinical studies have shown that after 3-4 weeks of use, women have experienced tighter and firmer vaginal muscles, with many citing an improved look and feel of their intimate zone. Not to mention an overall better experience for them and their partner!

The results speak for themselves!

  • Reduced mild urinary leakage - 70%
  • Improvement in sexual functioning - 89%
  • Improvement in vaginal laxity - 78%
  • Reduction of other vaginal symptoms - 89%
  • Improvement in the vulva appearance - 66%


The Silk’n Tightra has been developed with safety in mind. The 16 built-in heat sensors measure the heat of the skin during treatment ensuring that the skin never overheats.

The built in Touch Sensor ensures that the device only works when in contact with the skin whilst the Movement Sensor, prevents the device from heating when the tip is not moving over the skin. Lastly the Auto Shut-Off function automatically turns the device off after it has been in use for 20 minutes.

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