Touch & Glide Technology - the latest breakthrough

Touch & Glide Technology - the latest breakthrough in Silk’n Technology

Permanent hair removal products have long been on the market, but very few provide the technological advancements inherent in the latest hair laser removal devices provided by Silk’n.

The patented Touch & Glide Technology found in the both the Silk'n Flash&Go Pro 350K and Silk’n Jewel 250K provides the user with a faster and more effective way of removing unwanted hair. Featuring just one button for switching the device on and off and for changing the energy level, means that HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) hair removal can be done in significantly less time than ever before, allowing you to get on with the things you love best!

Using an automated process of hair removal, Touch & Glide Technology means no longer having to push a button to emit a light pulse. In fact, by simply putting the tip of the device in contact with your skin, means that both the Silk'n Flash&Go Pro 350K and Silk’n Jewel 250K are ready to use instantly. By lifting the device, the light pulse stops emitting allowing you to pause your hair removal treatment as often as you want. This means you get to be in complete control of your treatment at all times.

Given the uniqueness of this one touch process, allows added versatility, as one can choose to focus on a small area by moving the device from one spot to the next (Touch Technology), or on a larger area by allowing the product to glide from one area to another (Glide Technology).

Either way, at-home hair removal has never been easier, thanks to the continuing technological improvements made by Silk’n. Just another step forward in meeting their consumer’s permanent hair removal needs.