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Hair Removal at Home - Silk’n Infinity G 500K Takes Top Honours

Hair removal has become a way of life for both men and women striving for the ultimate in smooth and silky bodies. Over the years, various methods have been used for the removal of unwanted hair including waxing, shaving and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy, which involves regular visits to a beauty salon or hair removal clinic.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Differ From In-Home Hair Removal?

Given the inconvenience and costs associated with the various hair removal methods, the experts at Silk’n have developed a ‘home’ version of ipl hair removal whilst keeping important factors such as efficacy, convenience, cost effectiveness and safety at the forefront of technology.

This form of hair removal at home, known as HPL™ technology, is what has catapulted Silk'n into leadership status, when it comes to permanent hair removal devices, allowing one to easily remove unwanted hair from their body with long term results and all in the privacy and comfort of their own home. A real score for all those wanting smooth, touchable and beautiful skin.

What Hair Removal Devices Does Silk’n Offer?

Silk’n offers a range of in-home hair removal devices such as the Flash & Go Pro 350K (best known for its Patented ‘Touch & Glide’ Technology) and the Jewel 250K (famous for its one button automated process) both of which utilize HPL™ technology, for an all over smooth feel.

The Infinity G 500K, the latest in-home hair removal product from Silk’n, uses eHPL™ technology, a combination of Galvanic and Optical Energy sources, to remove undesired hair growth for long term results.

This combined with the fact that it’s the first device from Silk’n that is suitable for use on all skin colours has made the Infinity G 500K the gold standard of all in-home body hair removal products.

Here’s why…

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Galvanic & Microcurrent Energy Ensures Effective Hair Removal

By using a combination of Galvanic and Optical Energy, during treatment, the Infinity G 500K allows hairs to be removed more efficiently than other in-home hair removal products, as it opens the skin pores and allows the light pulses to optimally reach the hair follicles. This has the advantage of being able to destroy the hair follicle more effectively leading to a reduction in hair growth after each treatment. As the skin pores remain open for a little while after the treatment, applying a body lotion results in optimal absorption. The skin pores close soon after leaving the skin silky smooth with a radiant glow.

Hair Removal Suitable For All Skin Colours

The Infinity G 500K is the first in-home hair removal device suitable for all skin colours and almost all hair colours, including blonde, grey and red. By using eHPL™ technology, the device is able to treat thick, stubborn hairs right at their root even more effectively, meaning that even the darkest skin tones can be treated effectively for the first time.

Having 5 energy level options to choose from, means that even suntanned skin poses little problem. Simply pick the lowest energy level from which to carry out your body hair removal.

Skin Colour Sensor Guarantees Safety

A built in skin colour sensor (present in all Silk’n hair removal products) prevents the device from turning on if the skin tone is too dark to treat. This means if your complexion is too dark for the level you’ve chosen, there’s an automatic fail safe built in to prevent any damage to your skin. Choosing the right energy level is important for ensuring that your skin does not burn.

Quick & Easy To Use With Effective Results

The Infinity G 500K is currently one of the most effective in-home hair removal products on the market as evidenced by the following factors

  • Uses Galvanic and Optical Energy sources for supreme hair removal
  • Provides up to 92% reduction in hair growth after completion of the last treatment
  • Completes a full body treatment in less than 20 minutes
  • Can be used safely on all skin colours and almost all hair colours
  • Is safe to use on both the body and face including lower legs, underarms, forearms, bikini line and face
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Can be used in the privacy of your home or on the go
  • Costs a fraction of the cost of IPL hair removal in a salon

By adding the Infinity G 500K to your repertoire of beauty products, will ensure a long lasting and beautiful silk’n touch

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