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Silk’n Face Tite is an anti-aging face treatment device which utilizes HT™ (Home Tightening) technology. Includes Slider Gel

The FaceTite 2020 is the latest model of the FaceTite, the product is known under other names as well (i.e. Titan) in different countries it may also have a different coloured line. The version sold in Australia, USA and Europe has a silver line whilst Asia has a gold line.

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  • What Is It?

    The Silk’n Face Tite is an anti-aging face treatment device utilizing HT™ (Home Tightening) technology. This technology combines three different types of energy including infrared radiation (IR) that affects the upper layer of skin for improved skin texture; red light (LED) that reaches into the dermis for rejuvenation; and focused bi-polar radio frequency energy (Bi-Polar RF) that penetrates deep into the subdermal fat for deep tissue tightening and wrinkle reduction.

    The Silk’n Face Tite is intended for self-treatment in the privacy of your own home. It can be used on the forehead including between the brows; right and left cheeks including around the eyes, on the upper lip including the nasolabial fold and on the chin including the jawline and neck.

    For best results, it is important to treat the intended area for at least 15 minutes at the highest energy setting, twice a week, for ten weeks. Visible results will be seen after 5 weeks / 10 treatments.


  • Utilizes revolutionary non surgical HT™ home tightening technology
  • Safe to treat all areas of the face
  • Uses Infrared radiation to improve skin texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Bi-Polar RF energy promotes deep tissue tightening and reduces wrinkles
  • Built in heat stabiliser
  • Suitable for both women and men
  • Long lasting results
  • Small and easy to hold device for use in the privacy of your own home

How Does It Work?


Silk’n Face Tite protects your skin and comes with a unique built-in heat stabilizer designed to measure skin temperature and stabilize the emitted heat energy

To prevent overheating, a unique built-in heat stabilizer inside the Silk’n® FaceTite™ measures the treated skin temperature during session When a rise in the treated skin temperature is detected (42°C-43°C), the stabilizer will automatically stop emitting heat, until skin temperature lowers enough for the stabilizer to resume heating.

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